Why do kids gardening?

Children's gardening is a very memorable activity. Parents teach child the names and growth habits of various plants, and gradually open up kids’ cognition of the world. Parents teach child to use gardening tools to loosen the soil and to understand the continuation and decay of life while in contact with nature. If you have heard the saying: Whoever first introduces a child to the garden and touches nature is the wisest educator.

In fact, letting kids do more hands-on practice, such as building their own garden, can improve kids’ independence and creativity. Allowing children to experience gardening when they were young, such as by giving them a small flower and allowing them to care for it, or taking them to plant from the beginning of sowing, is more important than verbally emphasizing love, responsibility, and patience. much deeper.

Most parents will prepare their children's own gardens; Give the children a piece of land; Let the children loosen the soil and fertilize in the spring, and then sprinkle the seeds, recording the sowing and germination time, plant characteristics, daily maintenance methods, growth cycle, etc. to record a beautiful childhood.

If you haven't exposed your child to gardening, you might as well give him a flower pot, a handful of seeds, some soil, a small shovel and other special gardening tools for children from now on, so that they can feel the magic and life of nature in the gardening space.

Choosing a container for kids

Vegega's 8" tall corrugated metal raised garden bed collections are very suitable. The height of 8 inches is not too high for children and is suitable for growing vegetables, flowers, and other plants that do not have very long roots. Of course, Vegega also sells 17" and 32" tall corrugated metal raised garden bed collections. Parents can determine the height by the height of the child.

In addition to garden beds, we can prepare a small piece of land and divide it into a garden sanctuary for children. If you use a Vegega garden bed, it won't get dirty easily. A small metal garden bed built up is not only strong, but also recyclable, with a lifespan of at least 20 years.

If planting in situ, many factors need to be considered, such as weeds and pests. Garden beds don't have to worry so much.

Overall, a Vegega garden bed is a solid choice for a kid-friendly garden. Not only beautiful, but also exceptionally durable.

Fun gardening for kids in Vegega

Child-friendly gardening

Vegega's Garden Bed is a child-friendly garden bed. Its surface is smooth and burr-free, and the coating used is non-toxic and harmless, so parents don't need to worry that the irritating odor will harm the child's respiratory system, let alone that harmful substances will penetrate into the soil.

As for the edge of the garden bed, it is made of safe hemming technology, which is not sharp, so parents don't need to worry about scratching the child during normal use. And each garden bed comes with tape edging for double protection.

Vegega's garden beds are all corrugated metal garden beds, which are convenient for children to develop their imagination and cultivate their hands-on ability. Children can use a paintbrush to draw their favorite patterns on the garden bed, or they can DIY a special garden bed. Parents can also use safe paint to design a different garden bed for kids.

Growing vegetables and fruits that children like to eat or flowers raises kids' passion for gardening. After all, it doesn't happen overnight. It takes children's continuous efforts and care to harvest their fruits. Of course, don't forget to make a brand name for the kid's garden bed, insert it on the bed, and make it become your kids' treasure.