Would planting in raised garden beds be better than planting in the ground?

Would planting in raised garden beds be better than planting in the ground? - VEGEGA
To be honest, planting in raised garden beds is better than land planting. 
For most plants, they have  high requirements for air circulation and drainage performance to grow healthily. That's what a garden bed is good for. In ground planting, the height and space are limited, so that it is weaker in terms of air circulation.

For gardeners, the various heights of metal raised garden beds are convenient for working without bending over and suitable for most people, such as kids, adults, the elderly, and people with lumbar muscle strain or inconvenient legs and feet. In other words, Vegega raised beds are the preferred choice for most people who want to do gardening work.

What are the advantages of the raised garden bed?


Suitable height:

For most people, if planting on the ground, it is inevitable to bend over to work, which may cause lumbar muscle strain and muscle pain in the long run. While, if choosing a corrugated raised garden bed of different heights, both the elderly and children can enjoy pastoral fun without increasing the burden on the body.


The bottom of the raised garden bed is not enclosed, which allows better control of soil conditions and provides more space for plant roots to spread. What's more, appropriate height also enables plants to get more light to grow more healthily.

Magical use:

The raised garden bed provides sufficient space. In addition to putting soil into the raised bed, deciduous, peels, and woods can be put into the raised garden bed as fertilizer for plants to absorb nutrients. Furthermore, the use of raised garden beds are effective in reducing the problem of pests and diseases from the soil conditions.


Freedom to choose where to place the raised garden bed. When the weather is bad, you can cover it with cloth for easy protection. If you plant on the ground, in the face of bad weather, you need to deal with a large area, which is not so easy by comparison.


Because our products use a modular design, and products of various heights can be matched up and down, perfectly integrated. In addition, there are many shapes for your choice to build your beautiful garden.

What are the disadvantages of the raised garden bed?


corrugated metal raised garden bed- Vegega

Planting with raised garden beds is a bit more expensive than planting directly on land. Moreover, after purchasing a raised garden bed, it needs to be assembled and placed on the site. Planting directly on the soil saves many steps.

Secondly, in the summer, under the baking of the sun's high temperature, the outer panel of the raised bed will become hotter. So it's necessary to choose a raised garden bed. Our Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel raised garden beds are high temperature resistance and super corrosion resistance.

What's more, after planting, Some of raised garden beds will be heavier, and they will be more difficult to move it if you want to. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable location at the beginning of planting.

In the end, considering factors such as the growing environment of the plants and the convenience of tools, it is generally better to use raised garden beds to grow than to plant directly on land.


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