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Support rods for reinforcing metal raised garden beds-Vegega

Bracing Rods for Reinforcing Extra-Long Raised Beds-Twin Pack

$35.95 USDFrom $31.36 USD
Support rods are used for extra-long raised garden beds to reinforce the raised beds to prevent the bed from deforming because of filling too much soil. These rods are crucial...
corrugated metal panels white-Vegega
1.5ft.W(no rod)2ft.W(with 2Pcs 2.5ft rods)

【Upgrade 2.0】Side Panels To Extend 17"Tall Metal Raised Garden Beds -2 Pcs

From $43.95 USD
If the metal garden bed size still doesn't meet your needs and you are looking for a larger garden bed to match your garden, the straight corrugated metal panels can...
a roll of stainless steel mesh-Vegega

【New】Stainless Steel Mesh For Blocking Gophers

$89.95 USD
Experience an optimal solution for your gopher issue in gardens or lawns with our robust stainless steel mesh, specially designed to block gophers. Gopher wire equipped with landscape staples To...