Rectangular Shaped Planters

8x2 raised flower bed blue-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17"Tall 8x2 Rectangle Metal Raised Garden Beds (9 in 1)

$209.95 USD
Our 17" tall rectangle raised flower bed can fit more plants within the same amount of space when compared to other shapes because of the rectangular shape.  
6.5x2 rectangular elevated garden beds gray-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17"Tall 6.5x2 Rectangle Metal Raised Garden Beds (6 in 1)

$189.95 USD
17" tall rectangle elevated garden beds bring a lot of convenience for gardeners and plants. These rectangle elevated raised garden beds offer improved pest resistance and season extension. They also...
17" tall 3.5x2 white outdoor raised planter boxes-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17"Tall 3.5x2 Rectangle Metal Raised Garden Beds

$185.99 USD$169.95 USD
Our 17" tall 3.5x2 outdoor planter boxes are rectangular. The boxes are not only perfect for growing plants but also good for improving plant root health. 17” Tall 3.5x2 outdoor...
Rectangular L Shaped Raised Garden Bed

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall Rectangle Large L Shaped Raised Garden Bed

$279.95 USD
Our rectangle L shaped raised garden bed kit can fit in most places, especially in a corner. Because of its special "L" shape, most gardeners will use it to decorate the...
rectangle U shaped raised metal garden beds-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall Rectangle Large U Shaped Raised Garden Bed

$421.95 USD$399.95 USD
Create your dream garden with our 17'' tall rectangle u shaped raised metal garden beds. Perfect for growing plants and enhancing your outdoor space. Metal Panel Strong and Long-Lasting: All...
square planter-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17" Tall Square Metal Raised Garden Beds - Twin Pack

$268.95 USD
Building 17” Tall Square Metal Planter Boxes The rectangle square planter is pest resistance and season extension. They also allow for better soil life, drainage, and root growth. Strong and...