How to Grow Red Eden Climbing Roses in Raised Garden Bed Easily

By Mumu Jade

Author bio : Mumu Jade is a home gardener with expertise in organic gardening and edible landscaping and has 10 years of experience as a garden writer for horticultural companies.

This piece intend to introduce a special way to grow red eden climbing rose, that is, plant this type of rose in raised garden bed. You many plant sorts of flowers, vegetables or plants in the raised garden bed before. Here you can have a try to grow climbing roses in wooden raised garden bed or metal raised garden beds.

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Introduction of red eden climbing rose

In everyone's first impression, climbing roses are generally planted in parks, courtyards, gardens, or in pots at home. Its plant shape is relatively short, and its flower patterns are bright and varied. In fact, there are many classifications of roses. In addition to the dwarf roses grown in the raised garden bed plants at home, there are also tree-shaped roses with taller and larger main stems, and the more vivid brass band types in bloom. There is also this very unique type of rose that we are going to talk about today, its name is called the red eden climbing rose. Red eden climbing roses are characterized by tall and large plants, another advantage of the red climbing rose is the ability to climb. 

Everyone knows that color of red eden climbing rose must be bright red, which is extremely bright and comparable to the material of roses. The petals of the red eden climbing roses are very large, and the flowers are overlapping, which looks dense and bright. The flowers feel layered, flexible, silky and smooth.

The leaves of the red eden climbing roses are even more bright green and oval. The veins on the leaves are clear and the edges are serrated, setting off the bright red rose flowers, which looks very charming.

What kind of raised garden bed should I choose to grow red eden climbing rose?

Some flower lovers will say that the flowers are beautiful and they would like to plant them, but if there is no garden, how to plant them? This is not difficult for our red eden climbing rose. It is a rose variety that can be planted in a raised garden bed, and the plant is tall and looks very generous. It is more eye-catching than ordinary roses, with more blooms and a more beautiful tree shape. It produces a crown like a tree.

Raised garden bed for planting red eden climbing rose doesn’t need to be too large. It is just the opposite of the climbing planting method. When we plant them in raised garden bed, we hope that the red eden climbing rose will grow upwards and reduce the horizontal pulling effect.

In this way, we need to ensure that its branches to grow upward, and we can trim these thin branches . In this way, the red eden climbing rose will grow into a tree-shaped corolla like a lollipop. This shape is a bit like a tree-shaped rose, but it is more convenient to plant than a tree-shaped rose. When red eden climbing rose planted in the raised garden bed, the flowers are all facing up, looking energetic, and occasionally there will be a few sideways rose flowers on the branches near the eden climbing below smiling at you.

    Why you should trim the vine of red climbing rose?

    Therefore, flower lovers who grow in the garden should pay attention to pruning branches. To get it to grow into the shape you want, it is necessary to constantly prune and improve its branches. But this is not a difficult task, because the branches of the red eden climbing roses are soft and very malleable, and the climbing ability is similar to the climbing plants of the rosaceae, so it is very easy to take care of.

    How to build a raised rose bed?

    There are two planting methods for the red eden climbing rose. For flower lovers with a small courtyard, it can be planted as a climbing plant. The effect of its full bloom is more like a plant of the rosaceae family, which can cover the entire flower wall. 

    When it climbs the flower wall, we should pay attention to pruning the branches and leaves. For example, if you want the red eden climbing roses to climb a side, a flower wall or a fence, then when it climbs to the height you want, cut off the top branches so that the red eden climbing rose can concentrate on the side , in order to have a horizontal pull effect. At the same time, you can use the arch to let its climbing vines or pillars be inserted in the raised garden bed, and when the flowers bloom, it will be like a rose bed.

    Benefits of planting red climbing rose

    The blooming roses are extremely gorgeous, and the density of the flowers and leaves make you basically not see the background color of the wall. The red eden climbing roses planted in this way can firstly decorate the entire wall; Secondly, it can cool down the courtyard; Thirdly, if you plant it by the window, the red eden climbing rose will cover the window. Those climbing roses also play a role in protecting privacy.

    In the end, for flower lovers who love red eden climbing roses, if you still have a corner of your small courtyard and you want to add some festive colors to your balcony, then the red eden climbing rose will be your best choice.