Frequently Asked Questions

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For example, '6-in-1' means there are six possible configurations for metal garden beds. You can assemble six different shapes using the included corner and side panels. With these panels, you can unleash your creativity to build raised beds of various sizes and shapes.

VEGEGA is one of the few manufacturers that construct metal raised garden beds from Zn-Al-Mg steel (Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium). Metal garden beds made from this material can last up to 20 years.

Decomposing galvanized steel garden beds with a Zn-Al-Mg Steel alloy coating requires a very high level of acidity.

The neutral soil in which the crops are grown will not have any effect on the coating. Neither the metal nor the coating itself will leach any harmful substances into the soil.

No, the beds don't have bottoms. This design allows excess water to drain, preventing root rot, and also permits worms to access the bed.

By using bottomless beds, you enable plant roots to reach the nutrients below the ground.

No, they won't. This is thanks to the excellent reflectivity of the galvanized steel, which prevents most of the heat from entering the soil.

As a result, the soil inside the bed can rapidly absorb and dissipate heat from the stainless steel edges. Our elevated garden beds excel at maintaining a consistent and cool soil temperature.

VEGEGA uses extra strength 0.6mm thick Zn-Al-Mg coated sheets. This heavy-duty material is robust enough to support soil for decades and has a lifespan of 4-7 times longer than wooden or plastic beds.

The metal garden bed doesn't require any extra maintenance in the winter and can withstand temperatures as low as -76°F.

No, Vegega metal garden beds do not come with, nor do they require, a bottom. This design ensures better drainage and air permeability.

Yes, it's possible. We recommend using a 17-inch or taller metal garden bed, which provides ample soil depth for plant roots to grow freely and ensures efficient drainage.

For shorter garden beds, you can consider using landscaping fabric to minimize soil run-off when watering.

To demonstrate that our metal garden beds won't harm plant roots in hot summer conditions, we invited internet celebrities and customers to conduct a test and create a video. You can watch the test video by clicking here, and read the accompanying article.

While the paint surface helps prevent rust, the primary rust prevention layer is the Zn-Al-Mg plating layer beneath the paint. Even if the paint gets scratched, it maintains high rust resistance.