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We are looking for experienced gardeners to share their knowledge, experience, ideas, designs, or skills in planting and gardening. Anyone could be our PARTNER. Write an outline and 150-word abstract about your topic. After your completing,  please email us at gardener@vegega.com with the subject "Submit Gardening Guest Post".

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1. Contribute a guest post to get awards

2. Submit an article to become our member 

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Requirements For Articles

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  • Languages: We accept articles in English, German and French. There has many chances for you not just in English, come on, and write us your good ideas.
  • Originality: The articles must be original and related to gardening knowledge and must be used only by Vegega and not for private use elsewhere.
  • Logic: Article structure should be logical, not be made up, use rewriting tools, or imitate the work of others.
  • Word count: 600-1000 words is appropriate. If your article is over 1500 words, you should reduce them appropriately and use concise and clear expressions.
  • Reference: Respect original author. In your article, please include reference links to your sources if you refer to statistics or research.
  • Pictures: It is a good idea to insert 1-3 pictures related to the topic to the article, as they are good explanatory elements. But this is not mandatory. If insert pictures, they should be clear, big, preferably original.
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Post topic:

Composting/ Soil relevant/ Planting skills/ Feature cookings/ Raised garden beds/ Gardening knowledge/ Theme garden design/ Seasonal crops to plant/ Fun and helpful gardening tips/ Instructions for gardening practice/ Gardening for beginner-advanced-master/ Products reviews/ Comparison of different garden beds. All topics about gardening and planting are accepted.

Monetary rewards

By writing a high-quality gardening article, you will get a 20%-25% off or cash coupon:
20% off or a $20 cash coupon (for orders over $80)
25% off or a $25 cash coupon (for orders over $100)

The more you write, the more rewards there will be. The final rewards are determined by the article's quality and word count.

Join Us

If you are interested in our guest post activity and are sure of your writing skills, email us your outline at gardener@vegega.com or contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours (not including weekends).

Once the article outline is approved, you can start working on your article. All received articles will be placed in the Vegega-blog-guest-post section and signed by the author. Vegega has the right to make changes. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to see what you have planned for us!