6 Secrets To An Attractive Garden- What No One Tells You

By Peter Gill

Gardening is an enriching experience that is loved by many. It allows you to create beautiful planting themes, and to grow delicious fruits and vegetables. A garden can breathe life into a home's exterior, creating a welcoming, inviting atmosphere. However, growing a garden, let alone an attractive one, is a challenging task. Plants require a lot of care, and various environmental and weather conditions can impact their growth. As a result, your plants may face numerous issues, like wilting, discoloration, or dying off completely.

Such issues can prevent your garden from looking attractive. Even if you are doing everything right, you may feel like your garden does not match the aesthetic you had imagined. In this article, we will tell you 6 secrets you may not know that can help you obtain an attractive garden. Let’s take a look.

An Attractive Garden

 1. Focus on flowers instead of fruits and vegetables.

If the focus of your garden is on how aesthetically pleasing it is rather than functionality, it may be better to grow colourful flowers instead of fruits and vegetables. Growing flowers is a better option for more of a novice gardener. Despite this, a carefully planned planting theme can completely transform your garden space. Flowers are available in various colours and textures, which can be arranged in interesting patterns. Flowers are also attacked by pests less than fruits and vegetables.

2. Give plants the correct amount of sunlight.

Whilst everyone knows that plants require sunlight to grow, many gardeners starting out may not realise that every plant has its own sunlight requirements. Certain plants, known as shade or partial shade plants, don't need to be kept in the sun all day, and can instead thrive in little to no amounts of sunlight. Leaving shade or partial shade plants in the sun all day can actually damage them, preventing them from blooming at their true potential. Bluebells, soapwort, and coral bells are some examples of partial shade plants that can make your garden more attractive.

3. Sow plants based on the season.

As well as partial shade plants, there are plants that either only survive or thrive in a particular season. In such seasons, these plants will bloom to their maximum potential. Therefore, you should be careful to only sow flowers in your garden based on the appropriate season. Here are some suggestions:
● Plant flowers like daffodils and tulips in Spring.
● Plant flowers like hibiscus and lantana in Summer.
● Plant flowers like chrysanthemums and balloon flowers in Autumn.
● Plant flowers like pansies and hellebores in Winter.

 4. Add composite decking.

Garden composite decking is a great way to make your garden space appear more accessible and attractive, incorporating a sophisticated design that looks like wood but is much easier to maintain. As a result, composite decking can serve as a canvas to let your garden truly shine, as well as giving it a more modern feel. You can even get creative by adding your blooming flowers in pots on raised beds of your decking. This uniqueness can help elevate your garden space, making it stand out.

 5. Follow a theme with your garden plants.

Humans are wired to find neat designs and patterns attractive. As a result, having planting patterns based on a consistent theme can help to make your garden appear more beautiful. For example, you can add rows of similar coloured flowers in order, or even arrange flowers in a rainbow pattern with the respective rainbow colours. The choices are limitless, and you can be as creative as you want.

6. Control the growth of weeds.

The growth of weeds in gardens is a persistent issue that you will have to deal with regularly. For starters, remove any weeds you can see, as their presence can dilute the colour and fullness of your garden. Once that is done, you need to take preventative measures to ensure they don't sprout back up just as quickly. You can do this in various ways, but we recommend using mulch. Mulch not only helps prevent weeds but also protects the soil. You can also find decorative mulch, like pebbles, to add more of a natural aesthetic to your garden.
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To conclude, gardening can be an enriching activity, as you can grow your garden completely from scratch. However, growing an attractive garden can be difficult for various reasons. We have shared certain secrets that experienced gardeners use in their craft to get past these challenges. If you are more of a beginner, focus on flowers instead of fruits and vegetables, as they are available in vibrant colours and textures but are easier to look after. Give your plants the correct amount of sunlight, depending on their needs, so they bloom to their true potential. Sow plants and flowers based on the season in which they thrive, and add composite decking to make your garden unique, accessible, and modern. Finally, follow a consistent theme with your plants by arranging them in certain patterns, so they are more eye-catching, and control the growth of weeds, as they can sprout and affect the colours and aesthetics of your garden.

We hope this article proves informative and enables you to grow an attractive garden. Thank you for reading, and good luck!