Growing Brussel Sprouts In Pots - How To Plant And Take Care Of Brussel Sprouts?

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If you like the taste of brussels sprouts and frequently eat this in your meal, growing brussel sprouts in planting pots at your home will be practical and provide you with fresh food. This article will give information on how to grow brussels sprouts in containers and care for your plants so that they can develop well and handle external factors like diseases and pests.

Brussels sprouts are cool-season crops that should be planted in spring or fall. You need to follow guidelines to do it right and help this plant grow efficiently. Let’s scroll down to start exploring how to plant them well!


What Should You Prepare For Growing Brussel Sprouts In Pots?

A too-small pot may not fit the plant when they grow, so you will need at least a 1-foot-deep pot or raised garden bed. Next, prepare organic or synthetic fertilizer and brussels sprout seeds. Potting mix and potting soil are acceptable, but we recommend using potting mix as it’s light, well-draining, and suitable for adding more fertilizer.

Growing Brussel Sprouts In Pots - How To Do With A Step-By-Step Guide

Plant Brussels Sprouts Seeds Inside

Add the soft potting mix into each pot with some room left so it won't overflow when watered. Then, add fertilizer or compost to the potting mix. In each pot, sow seeds about 0.5 inches deep.

The seeds will take up to 20 days to germinate. You need to place them in a warm, sunny, and humid environment at this stage. Choose the best leaf from the seedlings when they show their first leaves, and then use sterile scissors to cut the rest.

The seedlings should be transplanted outside when their height reaches five to seven inches. In the whole process, always keep the soil moist.

Determine When Growing Seeds Outside

The ideal time to move brussels sprouts seeds outside is about two to three weeks before the last winter day, depending on your region’s climate. For example, if you live in a temperate environment, you can move your plant outside in early autumn.
For people who live in tropical or mild winter climates, placing the plant outside in mid-autumn is perfect for collecting spring crops.


Move Brussels Sprouts Seeds For Outside Planting

Brussels sprouts need a particular environment so that they can develop healthily. Since this is a cool-season plant, colder weather is preferable for its growth and maturation in your planting containers.

How To Care For Growing Brussel Sprouts In Pots? 

Choose The Proper Location

Choose a location in your house that receives a lot of sunlight and good airflow. Every plant, including brussels sprouts, needs natural light and fresh air to be fruitful.

However, this location should not be too windy, or you can equip it with safeguards against strong winds. When dealing with excessive wind, brussels sprouts become unstable due to their slim roots.

Moreover, this area should be shaded if you live in a warmer area, often exposed to long hours of sunlight. Brussels sprouts’ growth will be hampered or damaged by excessive heat.

If you are using metal raised garden beds to grow Brussel Sprouts, then you may want to know more about the location to place metal raised garden beds.

Choose The Proper Location

Like cabbage, brussels sprouts have big troubles with the same pests, including cutworms, leaf miners, aphids, and powdery mildews.

Keeping your brussels sprouts healthy is the most effective strategy to deal with ailments and pests. Ensure that there is adequate air and water so that your plants can develop well.

Prune Regularly

Pruning your plants is the most crucial task you need to do routinely. Pick the grown brussels sprouts from their bottom while trimming the lower leaves. When removing the lower leaves, you stimulate your brussels sprouts to rise higher and focus on producing new plants on their tops.


What Are The Best Varieties Of Seeds For Growing Brussel Sprouts In Pots?

Jade Cross

This hybrid type provides large quantities of delicious brussels sprouts. The plants usually grow to a maximum height of 28 inches. Strong winds can rarely damage Jade cross sprouts since they are less susceptible than others.

Long Island Improved

When long island improved brussels sprouts develop, their leaves are scattered and easily recognizable. These sprouts can survive greatly due to their strong and independent stems.


This type provides a lot of extra-large sprouts, which have sturdy stems and the ability to live in severe winters. The maturity period often lasts from 90 to 100 days.


Growing brussel sprouts in pots is not as difficult as you may think; however, it requires careful management and care. Three varieties of brussels sprouts that can develop well in containers are long island improved, Jade cross, and Catskill. Planting one of them will be easier as they adapt well to living in pots.

Most importantly, understanding their characteristics and environmental factors will help you care for them better and prevent attacks from pests and diseases. If you have any questions about growing this plant, contact us, and we will get back to you soon.

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