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Love it!

Honestly the best metal raised beds! And just enough height to garden comfortably!

Incredible Little Bed!

I ordered the 24” round bed not knowing exactly what it was going to look like. The bed arrived In lightning fast time, I opened the box and was very impressed with the quality of the circle bed, hardware and instruction booklet. I am looking forward to it next year. All that is missing is the warm Spring weather!

Great Raised Bed

Have not put together yet but all parts are there. Looking forward to planting blueberries in the bed. Will be using my modified Hugel meshed.

can I get them in 8 gauge steel or 3mm thick?

17" x 8' x 2' metal raised garden bed.
Can I get metal thickness of 3mm?

Hello, we use extra strength ZAM coated steel sheet in 0.6 mm thick, Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel is a Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloy coated steel sheet product that is more corrosion resistant than Aluzinc steel and is an excellent material for garden beds, the garden bed is very stable!

17"Tall 3.1'x 3.2' Pentagon Metal Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Bed Kit

Received my Raised Garden Bed Kit. Easy to put together exactly what I wanted. Will be ordering again.

Good product

The garden box looks very nice and was easy to put together! Would buy again.

Round Metal beds

The quality is great, easy to put together, and sturdy.

I was building a new garden for our house. My wife and I love growing vegetables and fruit. We were thinking of building vegetable boxes with 2x12 redwood planks. However, when we obtained quotes we were surprised with the cost. Each 4x8 24" deep vegetable box costs about $600 (parts and labor). Redwood will last for many years, however, it eventually turn to grayish color. So we searched for alternatives on the internet and found Vegega's 17" deep raised bed. It is much cheaper than the redwood raised box. Each of the U shaped raised bed took two of us about 1 hour to put together with simple tools come with the package. We bought 3 and are very happy with them. The color looks good and blends in with our garden.
Vegega's prices are cheaper than its competitors by reducing the number of nuts and bolts tightening points. We were concerned at first but after we put the raised bed together and loaded soilt in it, we feel it is fairly strong and the raised bed should last for many years. The sheet metal and paint quality appears to be the same as their competitors.

The quality shows

I recently purchased from another vendor the same type of raised bed, the same color and such. When I saw a sale on your product I decided to give it a try. I right away noticed the quality , thickness and 8 believe you're will outlast the other. Please keep the same quality and don't cheap out, I will buy more from you in the future , thank you

Garlic planted

My husband put this together for me. Seems well made. Surface was protected against scratches with a clear film. My husband said it was easy to put together. Only took about 10 minutes. I look forward to several years of planting in this planter. I plan on purchasing more soon.

Just what I needed!

Excellent product! Fast shipping! I will be back for more.

Tall metal planter

Love it and can’t wait to plant my plants

Totally Exceeded My Expectations!

I purchased this 24" Round Bed during a recent promotion and am so happy that I did. I was curious about metal beds but was a little hesitant to buy as I live in Arizona where our average daily temps in the summer exceed 100 degrees and I was afraid the beds would heat up and damage my plants. This bed was offered at a great price so I figured I'd try it out. The quality of this bed has far exceeded my expectations. I had seen similar metal beds in the big box stores but they seemed cheap and flimsy, but this bed is rock solid. It is made of a thicker material, and is coated in a beautiful oyster color. Each panel was individually wrapped in plastic and it took less than 15 minutes to assemble! I am so impressed with how this bed looks that I can't wait to order more of the larger beds. I currently have two pepper plants in this bed and they are thriving!

Perfect size…

The modular raised bed arrived quickly. I unpacked the bed and easily put it together— the only tricky part was connecting the last panel. Looks great and will fit perfectly where it will be placed. Thank you.....

Great Raised Beds for the Long Run

I purchased 4 of these to setup a small raised tomato garden as our growing season is short, and termites in my neighborhood made wood bed nonviable. The bed came shrink wrapped, in great condition and I could not be more happy with the results.

They were easy to assemble with a helper and a screwdriver. One note is to pay special attention to the braces so you do not get a side blow out when you fill the beds. we had to dig one up and reposition the struts.

Each bed in full size set up got filled with 1 CU yd of gravel and .6 cu yd of triple kick. the drainage seemed to do really well with this ratio.

2 foot wide, 32 deep, and 8 foot long.

We are going to put it into the garden in the spring. We have gotten the ground started and will send updates in March. Delivery was great box no out side damage and fast delivery.

8'' Tall 24'' Round Metal Modular Corrugated Raised Garden Bed Kit

I did receive my 8'' Tall 24'' Round Metal Modular Corrugated Raised Garden Bed Kit. It was sent to me very quickly. I will set it up in the spring.

Love these garden beds

Very easy to put together, love the color, size is just right for what I wanted to use them for and will probably my buy more!

Updating old whiskey barrels

We bought two of these garden beds to replace four whiskey barrels that were over 10 years old. By combining an area that had 2 barrels into one rectangular raised bed, we gain quite a bit of growing space and the additional square footage will make it easier to build healthy soil microbiology. Not to mention how attractive they are!

First time buyer

Packaging was very thorough. Assembly was easy and loving my new garden bed filled with collard greens!

I really like how easy they were to assemble, after looking at other brands these seem the best for longevity, looks and easy to expand and move when empty.

Glow up for the garden!

We love the VEGEGA garden bed, it took our garden up a whole new level, it looks GORGEOUS!!