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Quality, assembly, price

Quality: the materials were great. The thickness of the metal as well as the protection film that should be removed and the quality if the gasket for the top of the bed was easy to install and heavy duty. In other words the materials are going to hold up. Assembly: was quick and easy with the flexibility to create different beds. I went with the square beds and it worked out perfectly for my space. Pice: you get what you pay for. I like the fact that I get 20% off on the next order. I have 10 raised beds and I am going to slowly replace all 10. Lumber does not hold up sitting on the ground and about every 3-5 years I need to replace boards. There is a 20 year warranty on this product.

Love my bed covers!

I purchased bed cover system for two of my beds and absolutely love them. They are very easy to assemble, and the structure is pretty sturdy. Both Net and PE covers are great quality, will last for years to come. I am ready to start the gardening season, thank you VEGEGA!

Simple and looks great

Easy to put together and looks great!

Better than expected

After assembly they are far superior than local in-store competition. I'm glad I waited and took a chance on your product. Well worth the wait. I will try to encourage others to give your product a try.

Raised Beds made easy

These beds are easy to assemble and are very sturdy. We can’t wait to start planting.

Waiting for spring so I can set up my new garden beds.

THE BEST ! ALL OF THE ITEMS ARE THE BEST. and it doesn’t matter the color although you could come up with more colorful raised steelband like red orange etc. I love color in the garden.

Great quality and easy to assemble!

Put this together in about 15 minutes. Great quality. We are doing a huge raised bed garden. I have (8) 9 in 1 beds, (8) 10 in 1 beds, (4) L shaped, and (3) more of the 24” rounds to put together. I can not wait to get this all assembled and laid out for a pretty no hassle garden just outside our front door! These 24” rounds are going to be around the 4 corners of a pergola that we will plant grapes into to climb the pergola!

17" Tall U-Shaped Garden Bed

I absolutely love this product. It was very easy to put together. I will be ordering more in the future.

32" raised bed

Love it, assembly was easy. Good product and like the color.

So easy to put together

I ordered 2 of your 9 in 1, 17" beds and when they came they were so easy to put together and so well made, very sturdy, that I ordered 5 more. Every one of them were perfectly made, all the holes lining up for the screws. I was very impressed with the quality. I know these will last almost forever. I just filled them all and they are still so sturdy. I will probably order more for next year and expand my garden. And I love the height since it's easier on my back and is too high for my dog to get into!

Perfect raised beds for handicapped gardeners.

We ordered these 32" raised beds from Our purpose was to allow my husband to help me garden. He is wheelchair and scooter dependent. We are on a fixed budget and they were very economical before the discount. We intend to buy about 8 more as we can afford. These are pretty and well built, as well as easy to assemble. With Alan's help, we can assemble one in less than an hour. We hope to grow many veggies in them this year.

Thank you,
Jackie and Alan Hickerson

We received the metal garden beds and on first review all the parts are there, the manual is very easy to follow and now we are waiting… on the Pacific NW were we are, we’ll need to wait for a few more weeks before we can start to put together the beds!! There is hale, rain, snow, wind… you get the picture…
We will eventually be able to actually put them together.

Love them!

These beds are sturdy, functional and attractive. They were easy to put together and they helped me solve a small landscape project around our house. I ordered one of the tall beds to border the deck and be accessible from either side. I ordered the moon bed for a gently sloped are where I leveled the ground and situated the bed to also act as a retaining wall. The moon bed ended up being a little larger than I needed for the space so I took out a panel on each side for a perfect fit. I put them together in the fall and filled them both with fallen branches, dirt, compost and yard debris over the winter. I covered all that with cardboard layers and then topped with garden soil when I was ready to start planting. The company also provides great customer service and was quick to answer when I had questions.

Fantastic and easy

First: do not forget to take the plastic off the siding.
Next: follow the easy instructions and the bed will come to life. Quickly, no fuss, and great materials. Ill be purchasing again!


I haven't actually put these together yet, as I live in zone 4b and the ground is still frozen, so my review is pertaining to how easy it was to place an order and then how quickly the shipment arrived. I ordered 12 beds. Each one comes in its own box. The order arrived promptly and without issue. I'm looking forward to getting them all set up for my vegetable garden in the next few months and am now looking to order more and use them for landscaping.

Arrived on time, easy to assemble and that’s as far as we’ve gotten due to an unexpected big snow. Hopefully we’ll finish setting up and filling. Very happy so far

Easy to assemble and they look great. After we assembled them, big unexpected snow here. So far very happy with them!

Game Changer

These extenders allow you to change these beds to even more configurations. Everything becomes so customizable. I absolutely love the versatility that Vegega offers with these.

Excellent product

This raised bed is of excellent quality. The panels feel well made and sturdy. Putting the panels together was easy and took less than 30 minutes. The color is also lovely.

Great product and great customer service when ordering

I look forward to watching my garden grow and adding other products from Vegega.

Love these beds!

Easy to set up and they look so good!

Totally customizable!

I bought multiple additional panels to make some custom beds by adding to the 9-1. These are perfect addition for those creative areas.

Amazing quality!

Ordered multiple of these and love the quality of the materials. Love the color I chose. Looking forward to getting these all set up and planting in this very soon!

Vegetable beds, sales!

We started with one Vegega last year and loved our results all around. This year we’re adding a lot more and it’s still to early to
get going but we’re so antsy and these are so strong and durable that we started
putting them together in the house, they are waiting on our snowy deck. With their great sale we could get more than intended and an extra small one so we can decorate the mailbox area. These are very well made, come in different colors (we
have 3 colors now) the sizes and shapes
are amazing, we have a few including the
large u shaped. So exciting and really no
worries, the customer service has been so
much help and always there. Try one, you’ll
be hooked like we were. Gonna look great,
we’ll have arches from one container to another for melons, cucumbers, beans and separate flower gardens, etc. 🌻
what to do when you retire- grow, just in a different way!