How to design a simple and beautiful garden

By Louis Nguyen

Author bio: Louis Nguyen is an article writer. After a long time with the COVID-19 epidemic, he spent time researching and setting up his small garden.

The end of the year is the time when we begin to review what happened during the year and make plans for the new year. with more new and interesting things. So you are a gardener, or you have an empty garden that needs renovation. Have you ever thought about creating something new for your garden? The garden creates a source of food for your family. It also brings a great experience and helps dispel the troubles of daily life. But do you want to stop there? Take a look at your garden. Do you want your garden to be more beautiful, neater, and have more space for you and your family members to play and rest? Or you want to turn your garden into something more special. If the answer is yes, you will find some tips to help you design a simple, beautiful garden.

How to design a simple garden | VEGEGA

Sketch the idea of your dream garden

For garden ideas, see what you want your garden to look like. Do you need any other functionality for the garden? For example, a small space to sit back and enjoy the fruits of the garden. Or a small play area for your children. Or rearrange the garden more neatly, add some flowers to increase the beauty of the garden. If you're having trouble figuring out how to shape your garden. You can search for sample gardens on the internet or consult advice from other horticultural experts.
To be a source of inspiration and show off the garden you need to build. You can choose one or a combination of different options to complete the garden you love. Check your mood board to determine the new look and new emotion you need. When you love natural green, keep it as it is but add some gentle floral colors like pink, yellow, etc. Sometimes they will make your mood better. If you love flowers and fresh colors. Plant a row of colorful flowers in the aisles or in groups around the garden. At that time, your garden will be outstanding. The most important thing is that the new garden satisfies you.

How to design a simple, beautiful garden

There are many ways to design a garden from simple to complex. But here, we will only choose the simplest way that anyone can do it. The following 5 simple garden design rules will help you change the look of your garden.

Start with creating a relaxing space in the garden

It would be a pity if you had a lovely garden but couldn't enjoy it to its fullest. The resting space in the garden is designed for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning after harvesting agricultural products in the garden. Or enjoy a cup of flower tea and some cakes in the afternoon. If the area is big enough, you can invite friends to have a weekend party together. If you love that too. Choose a certain area to arrange a resting space in the garden. Comes with a path that leads to the place of interest.

Shaping the garden

Each person will have different preferences and also have a way to choose the shape of the garden according to those preferences. There are two common garden shapes: a square garden arranged in a rectangular shape and a winding garden. To shape the garden into a square, neat form. You can use raised garden beds to set up your planting area. Raised garden beds or metal raised garden beds will make your garden look neater and limit weeds.
Paths will form from the distance you create for different groups of plants. Set up groups of varying sizes, to create a more fancy transition for the garden. With gardens with winding designs. It helps to create the feeling that the garden is wide and has depth, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Start cultivating the soil and creating the style you want. After laying bricks or gravel along the path, plant small flower bushes along the path to make the garden stand out more. So your garden has shaped

Avoid vertical garden design

When designing a vertical garden, the garden will become narrower and smaller. Especially with gardens that are already small in size. When designing a vertical garden, the side fence will attract your eye more than the inner garden. That makes all efforts to improve the garden a failure.  You can plant vines or hang pots around the fence to reduce its presence. Redecorate the fence with more green patches, etc. 

Add some beautiful and eye-catching plants

Besides the vegetables, plants, and flowers on the lower floor. You can choose beautiful plants or your favorite color and eye-level height to create a layered garden. These plants do not need much, depending on the size of the garden that you arrange a few trees around. Typical trees such as palm trees, laurel trees, and peach trees. Or fruit trees such as oranges, lemons, pomegranates, apples, etc. Try to imagine the harmony and stratification of the plants in the garden. Once the garden is complete, you will only be able to burst out in joy and enjoy it.

Create a unique highlight for your garden

Accents will make your garden look more impressive. The highlight can be the flower gates or the vines that are bent into fancy shapes. Or ideas for creating flower bushes from recycled materials. Or a small house for playful birds, etc. This is the place where you can unleash your creativity. Beautify it and make you enjoy the most joyful moments in your garden. It will take some time to complete the beautiful garden. So, you should break this project down and complete it in a certain amount of time. That makes it easy to get it done and also helps keep costs under control in stages.