Raised Bed Accessories

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For 2ft.W 8ft.L Garden BedFor 3.5ft.W 6.5ft.L Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed Cover System ( Arched frame/Net cover/PE Cover)

$185.95 USD
Protect Your Garden with Our Premium Raised Garden Bed Covers Elevate your gardening game with our premium raised garden bed covers designed to provide year-round protection for your cherished plants....
Arched Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel) For 8ft.L/ For 6.5ft.L - VEGEGA Metal Raised Garden Bed
For 8ft.LFor 6.5ft.L

Arched Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel) For 8ft.L/ For 6.5ft.L

From $199.95 USD
Vegega Arched Trellis is made of the same material as the metal raised garden beds' metal panel. It can support up to 130 lb of weight (uniform distribution). Our trellis...
For 8ft.LFor 6.5ft.L

Wall Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel) For 8 ft.L / 6.5 ft.L

From $119.95 USD
Metal Wall Trellis - Helping Your Garden Reach Its Full Potential Every garden is a canvas, brimming with the potential to be a lush, vibrant haven of life. In order...
Side Metal Panels To Extend 17"/32" Tall Metal Garden Bed 2 Pics - VEGEGA
1.5ft ( no rod)2ft (with 2.5ft rod)

Side Panels To Extend 17"/32" Tall Metal Raised Garden Beds -2 Pics

$45.95 USDFrom $43.95 USD
If Vegega's existing metal garden bed size still doesn't meet your needs and you are looking for a larger garden bed to match your garden, these extension panels can be...
Bracing Rod for Extra Long Bed - Twin Pack 2ft*2/ 2.5ft*2/ 3.5ft*2 - VEGEGA

Bracing Rods for Reinforcing Extra-Long Raised Beds-Twin Pack

$35.95 USDFrom $31.36 USD
Bracing Rods are used for extra long raised garden beds. Enhance your steel raised garden beds and improve their strength.