Raised Bed Accessories

seed starting trays-Vegega

【New】Silicone Seed Starting Trays 12 Cells Twin Pack

$39.95 USD
Our silicone seed starting trays are 100% plastic-free, so there is no plant pollution. You can directly mark our seedling tray with a dry-erase marker instead of using plant labels....
a roll of stainless steel mesh-Vegega

【New】Stainless Steel Mesh For Blocking Gophers

$89.95 USD
Experience an optimal solution for your gopher issue in gardens or lawns with our robust stainless steel mesh, specially designed to block gophers. Gopher wire equipped with landscape staples To...
outdoor storage cabinet

【New】Outdoor Storage Cabinet For Gardening Tools

From $186.00 USD
Weatherproof & Durable Plastic Outdoor Storage Cabinet Presenting our high-quality outdoor storage cabinet, the ideal accessory to refine your outdoor spaces. Importantly, our cabinet designed to offer practical storage with...
wall trellis installed on a 8x2 metal garden bed
For 8ft.LFor 6.5ft.L

Wall Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel) For 8 ft.L / 6.5 ft.L

From $119.95 USD
Our wall trellis can withstand 130 lb. If you are looking for a solid metal trellis to grow the cucumber or other climbing plants, then you have to try our...
raised garden bed with cover installed on it
For 3.5ft.W 6.5ft.L Garden BedFor 2ft.W 8ft.L Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed Cover System ( Arched frame/Net cover/PE Cover)

$185.95 USDFrom $169.95 USD
Protect Your Garden with Our Premium Raised Garden Bed Covers Elevate your gardening game with our premium raised garden bed covers designed to provide year-round protection for your cherished plants....
Arched Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg steel) For 8ft.L/ For 6.5ft.L
For 8ft.LFor 6.5ft.L

Arched Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg steel) For 8ft.L/ For 6.5ft.L

From $199.95 USD
Our arch trellis is made from the same material as the metal raised garden beds’ metal panel from VEGEGA. It can support up to 130 lb of weight (uniform distribution). ...