What is the best size for a metal raised garden bed?

What is the best size for a metal raised garden bed? - VEGEGA

Metal raised garden beds have become popular all over the world in recent years because of their advantages of being more beautiful, more environmentally friendly and more durable. Many long-term growers have replaced wooden garden beds with Vegega Metal raised garden beds . If you are planning to buy a Metal raised garden beds in the near future, these few tips will help you choose the best size.

8 inch Vegega metal garden bed

Optimal width for metal raised garden beds

The width of a Metal raised garden beds  is determined by the size of your garden, which also determines the size of your planting area.

Modular metal raised garden beds  come in a variety of sizes, their width is from 2 feet to 5 feet. Here is a detailed size chart for Vegega metal raised garden beds . We recommend that you need to measure and plan your garden in detail before purchasing a garden bed.

If you want to place your garden bed against a wall, we recommend that you choose a metal raised garden beds  that is less than 3 feet wide. 


Metal raised garden beds  can be as wide as 5 feet if you choose to prevent the garden bed from being accessible on all sides. This ensures that your arms can reach any part of the metal raised garden beds when planting.

2 ft width Vegega Metal Garden Bed
3.5 ft width Vegega Metal Raised Garden Bed

Optimal height for metal raised garden beds

Vegega metal raised garden beds has three different heights ( 8 inch/ 17 inch/ 32 inch) of garden beds to suit most needs. Choosing the right garden bed height is very important. This directly affects your long-term comfort, as well as how well your garden bed is planted.

Hard ground or Soft soil

If you are placing the metal raised garden beds  directly on the concrete floor or on the compacted barren soil, an 8-inch garden bed is obviously not suitable, because the roots of plants are generally longer than 8 inches. Plants can grow better only if we provide them with enough depth of soil. Therefore, we must choose a 17-inch or 32-inch garden bed to ensure the full growth of the roots and stems of the plants.


If you are placing your garden bed on soft, fertile soil, then 8 inches is a good choice. Elevated soil helps your plants drain better, conserve fertilizer and manage weeds more easily. At the same time, 8-inch is the lowest price garden bed, which is very friendly to the novice who is trying to use the garden bed for the first time.

Different heights suit different people

If you are a person whose back is often tired, the 32-inch metal garden bed is highly recommended. Its height allows people to stand upright when planting, which is also very friendly to the elderly.

If you want to grow together with your children and enjoy a happy family life, the 17-inch metal garden bed should be your choice.


The 8-inch garden bed is an ultra-low-cost option for creating a beautiful garden that allows you to grow vegetables in your front yard without feeling awkward.


Different workloads for filling garden beds

The soil filling of the 32-inch garden bed is relatively large, and we recommend using branches and gravel to enhance the drainage performance for the bottom layer. The workload needs to be considered when purchasing.

The 17-inch garden bed is the most classic height, and the one most purchased. It is enough to prove that its workload, planting effect and cost performance are the most balanced products.

The 8-inch garden bed is the least difficult to fill, and you can directly purchase organic nutrient soil to fill it.


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