Round Raised Garden Beds

round raised garden beds-Vegega

17'' Tall 42'' Wide Round Raised Garden Beds【Upgrade 2.0】

$119.95 USD
Our 17" tall 42" round raised garden beds make good use of the available garden space. Metal panels with a thickness of 0.6 mm save more planting space than wooden...
round raised beds green-Vegega

17'' Tall 24'' Round Metal Raised Garden Beds twin Pack【Upgrade 2.0】

$209.90 USD$149.95 USD
Our 17" tall 24” wide round metal raised garden beds are the top choice for a kid-friendly garden. Choose a safe, non-sharp, non-toxic garden bed to create more happy moments...
raised garden bed round green-Vegega

32'' Tall 42'' Wide Round Garden Bed【Upgrade 2.0】

$189.95 USD
Our 32" tall, 42" wide round garden bed is a popular choice for older people because it does not require bending over and relieves some of the strain on the...

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