Small Shapes Raised Bed Herb Garden

round metal raised garden beds in garden-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall 42'' Round Metal Raised Garden Beds

$119.95 USD
The 17" tall 42" round raised garden beds make good use of the available garden space. Metal panels with a thickness of 0.6 mm save more planting space than wooden...
2x5 raised garden beds growing plants in backyard-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17" Tall 5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (4 in 1)

$139.95 USD
The 17" high 4-in-1 raised garden box offer a solution for growing crops in smaller spaces. Additionally, they contribute to a neater and visually appealing garden. Moreover, the raised soil...
2-in-1 garden raised beds white-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17"Tall 3.5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (2 in 1)

$119.95 USD
The 17” high 2-in-1 raised garden bed is ideal for growing herbs or small fruit trees. The metal raised beds to absorb the sunlight, making the soil warm up faster...