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17" tall 8x2 planter boxes-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall 8x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (9 in 1)

$169.95 USD
The most popular garden bed product in 2024 is the 17" tall 8 x 2 planter boxes, which is the first choice for many homes to build a garden landscape....
17" tall 6-in-1 metal garden boxes-Vegega

17'' Tall 6.5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (6 in 1)

$149.95 USD
The 17" tall 6.5x2 garden boxes are preferred by most gardeners. Firstly, their optimal drainage system provides an environment where vegetables can grow freely in high rainfall areas. Furthermore, the...
17" tall 42" wide round planter-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall 42'' Round Metal Raised Garden Beds

$109.95 USD
The 17" tall 42" round raised garden beds make good use of the available garden space. Metal panels with a thickness of 0.6 mm save more planting space than wooden...
17" tall 3.5x2 raised garden bed-Vegega

17"Tall 3.5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (2 in 1)

$105.95 USD
The 17” high 2-in-1 raised garden bed is ideal for growing herbs or small fruit trees. The metal raised beds to absorb the sunlight, making the soil warm up faster...
11" tall 8x2 raised garden beds-Vegega

11'' Tall 8x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (9 in 1)

$150.95 USD
The 11" tall 9-in-1 8x2 raised flower beds are sufficient for many plants, some root vegetables might require a deeper bed. But if you want to grow herbs or some...
17" tall 5x2 garden box-Vegega

17" Tall 5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (4 in 1)

$129.95 USD
The 17" high 4-in-1 raised garden box offer a solution for growing crops in smaller spaces. Additionally, they contribute to a neater and visually appealing garden. Moreover, the raised soil...
raised garden bed with wall trellis-Vegega
For 8ft.LFor 6.5ft.L

Wall Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel) For 8 ft.L / 6.5 ft.L

From $119.95 USD
Our wall trellis can withstand 130 lb. If you are looking for a solid metal trellis to grow the cucumber or other climbing plants, then you have to try our...
garden trellis arch in the metal raised garden-Vegega
For 8ft.LFor 6.5ft.L

Arched Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel) For 8ft.L/ For 6.5ft.L

From $199.95 USD
Our arched trellis is made from the same material as the metal raised garden beds’ metal panel from VEGEGA. It can support up to 130 lb of weight (uniform distribution).  Highly...
11" tall garden 6.5x2 metal raised bed-Vegega

11'' Tall 6.5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (6 in 1)

$135.95 USD
Creating an 11" tall garden with raised beds is a novel change for today's urban gardeners. Whether you're cultivating home-grown vegetables, eye-catching succulents, or fragrant herbs, our raised beds provide...
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9 in 142" Diameter Round24" diameter Round(twin pack)10 in 1U Shape Large SizeL Shape4 in 12 in 1
17''Tall 24” Wide Round Metal Raised Garden Beds-Vegega

17'' Tall 24'' Round Metal Raised Garden Beds twin Pack

$209.90 USD$149.95 USD
The 17" tall 24” wide round metal raised garden beds are the top choice for a kid-friendly garden. Choose a safe, non-sharp, non-toxic garden bed to create more happy moments...
32'' Tall 42'' wide round garden bed-Vegega

32'' Tall 42'' Round Metal Raised Garden Beds

$189.95 USD
The 32" tall, 42" round metal raised garden bed is a popular choice for older people because it does not require bending over and relieves some of the strain on...
17" heart shaped galvanized metal planters-Vegega

17" Tall Heart-shaped Metal Raised Garden Beds

$199.95 USD
Heart shaped galvanized planters are stylish and practical for gardening uses. The unique and adorable design makes them an attractive addtion to any garden. 17” Tall Heart Shaped Galvanized Planters...
32" tall 5x2 raised garden bed kit-VEGEGA

32'' Tall 5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (4 in 1)

$199.95 USD
The 32" tall 5x2 raised garden bed kit not only improves plant root health by binding the soil and mulch, slowing down the loss of nutrients from the soil, but...
17" tall 6.5x2 rectangle metal elevated raised garden beds-Vegega

17"Tall 6.5x2 Rectangle Metal Raised Garden Beds (6 in 1)

$189.95 USD
17" tall rectangle elevated garden beds bring a lot of convenience for gardeners and plants. Building 17” Tall Elevated Garden Beds These rectangle elevated raised garden beds offer improved pest...
32" tall 3.5x2 metal raised garden bed-Vegega

32'' Tall 3.5'x2' Metal Raised Garden Beds (2 in 1)

$165.95 USD
The 32" tall 3.5x2 metal garden beds have excellent drainage, ensuring the healthy growth of the plants even in yards prone to water stagnation. The garden bed is the most...
raised garden bed cover pe cover with arch frame-Vegega
For 2ft.W 8ft.L Garden BedFor 3.5ft.W 6.5ft.L Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed Cover System ( Arched frame/Net cover/PE Cover)

$185.95 USDFrom $169.95 USD
Protect Your Garden with Our Premium Raised Garden Bed Covers Elevate your gardening game with our premium raised garden bed covers designed to provide year-round protection for your cherished plants....
17" tall two tiered garden bed-Vegega

17'' Tall Tiered Metal Raised Garden Beds

$199.95 USD
Using 17" tall tiered metal garden beds to build a unique tiered garden. No sharp metal sheet edge, rubber edging for double security, and non-toxic material for safe planting. Building...
17" tall 3.5x2 white outdoor raised planter boxes-Vegega

17"Tall 3.5x2 Rectangle Metal Raised Garden Beds

$185.99 USD$169.95 USD
The 17" tall 3.5x2 outdoor planter boxes are rectangular. The boxes are not only perfect for growing plants but also good for improving plant root health. 17” Tall 3.5x2 outdoor...
17" tall 3.5x4 raised bed planters hexagon shape-Vegega

17"Tall 3.5x4 Hexagon Metal Raised Garden Beds

$199.95 USD
The 17" tall 3.5x4 metal raised planters are novel designs in hexagon shape. If you are looking for an impressive garden bed, then you have to try the hexagon raised...
17" tall 3.1x3.2 pentagon grey garden beds raised-Vegega

17"Tall 3.1x3.2 Pentagon Metal Raised Garden Beds

$169.95 USD
17" tall 3.1x3.2 pentagon raised beds garden is a novel garden design. The pentagon shape is beautiful, the unique design basically can prevent some insects from climbing the raised beds....