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raised garden bed ideas for family-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 8x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (9 in 1)

$315.95 USD
The star product, 32" tall 9-in-1 metal raised beds, is a popular choice as a gift for parents and a source of innovative raised garden ideas. Moreover, its depth comfortably...
raised garden bed ideas-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall 8x4 Metal Raised Garden Beds (10 in 1)

$249.95 USD
17” Tall Metal Raised Bed Garden These metal raised beds offer the ideal solution for your raised bed garden. They provide improved pest resistance and season extension, while also promoting...
u shaped raised garden bed

【Upgrade 2.0】17" Tall U-Shaped Large Size Metal Raised Garden Beds

$379.95 USD
The U-shaped raised garden bed allows for easy access to all your plants. You can comfortably walk around the bed and reach all the plants without straining or walking over...
raised planter boxes-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 6.5'x2' Metal Raised Garden Beds (6 in 1)

$279.95 USD
The 32-inch 6-in-1 raised planter boxes relieves the back strain of gardeners. If you’re resistant to bending over to plant and pick while still wanting a beautiful garden and organic,...
L shaped raised gardens metal raised beds

【Upgrade 2.0】17" Tall L-Shaped Metal Raised Garden Beds

$279.95 USD
L-shaped raised gardens are a great space-saving solution. They can easily fit into garden or house corners. By raising the planting level, these beds reduce the need for bending down,...
u shaped garden bed-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】17" Tall U-Shaped Standard Size Metal Raised Garden Beds

$299.95 USD
17” tall u-shaped garden bed allows easy access from all sides, eliminating the need for excessive bending and stretching. This feature is particularly beneficial for gardeners with mobility issues or...
metal garden trellis
For 8ft.LFor 6.5ft.L

Arched Trellis (Zn-Al-Mg steel) For 8ft.L/ For 6.5ft.L

From $199.95 USD
Our arched trellis is made from the same material as the metal raised garden beds’ metal panel from VEGEGA. It can support up to 130 lb of weight (uniform distribution).  Highly...
32 inches tall 5x2 raised garden bed kit-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (4 in 1)

$225.95 USD
The 32" tall 5x2 raised garden bed kit not only improves plant root health by binding the soil and mulch, slowing down the loss of nutrients from the soil, but...
raised garden bed cover installed on metal garden bed-Vegega
For 3.5ft.W 6.5ft.L Garden BedFor 2ft.W 8ft.L Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed Cover System ( Arched frame/Net cover/PE Cover)

$185.95 USDFrom $169.95 USD
Protect Your Garden with Our Premium Raised Garden Bed Covers Elevate your gardening game with our premium raised garden bed covers designed to provide year-round protection for your cherished plants....
Rectangular L Shaped Raised Garden Bed

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall Rectangle Large L Shaped Raised Garden Bed

$279.95 USD
The rectangle L shaped raised garden bed kit can fit in most places, especially in a corner. Because of its special "L" shape, most gardeners will use it to decorate...
【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall Rectangle Large U Shaped Raised Garden Bed

【Upgrade 2.0】17'' Tall Rectangle Large U Shaped Raised Garden Bed

$421.95 USD$399.95 USD
Create your dream garden with our 17'' tall rectangle u shaped raised metal garden beds. Perfect for growing plants and enhancing your outdoor space. Metal Panel Strong and Long-Lasting: All...
3 tiered raised garden bed

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 3 Tiered Raised Garden Bed

$389.95 USD$359.95 USD
The 3 tier raised garden beds have three layers for planting various plants. Durable and long-lasting metal sheets, non-toxic and safe material make gardening easier and more healthy. Building 32''...
【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall Castle Metal Raised Garden Beds

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall Castle Metal Raised Garden Beds

$348.95 USD
The 32" tall castle metal planter boxes have two round garden beds on each side. And the middle part is 17" tall metal panels. It's an extraordinary design. Pest deterrent,...
outdoor storage cabinet

【New】Outdoor Storage Cabinet For Gardening Tools

From $186.00 USD
Weatherproof & Durable Plastic Outdoor Storage Cabinet Presenting our high-quality outdoor storage cabinet, the ideal accessory to refine your outdoor spaces. Importantly, our cabinet designed to offer practical storage with...