11'' Tall 8'x2' Metal Raised Garden Beds (9 in 1)

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  • Ease of assemble for all ages
  • Modular panels
  • Shape and size can be easily adjusted
  • Smooth metal panel, easy to clean, no mold.

Friendly To Earth

Traditional wooden raised garden beds aren’t always a sustainable option. A research showed that roughly 15.3 billion trees are cut down each year, and logging is a big part of that. Purchasing Metal raised beds might be an environmentally conscious decision. 

Technical Specs

  • Assembly time: 20min
  • Panel thickness: 0.6mm
  • Screw Material: Stainless steel
  • Rod Material: Aluminum alloy

Package List



11 in.H x 8 ft.L x 2 ft.W
11 in.H x 6.5 ft.Lx 3.5ft.W
11 in.H x 5 ft.L x 5 ft.W

11 in.H x 6.5 ft.Lx 2 ft.W

11 in.H x 5 ft.Lx 3.5 ft.W
11 in.H x 5 ft.Lx 2 ft.W
11 in.H x 3.5 ft.Lx 3.5 ft.W
11 in.H x 3.5 ft.Lx 2 ft.W
11 in.H x 2 ft.Lx 2 ft.W

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Metal raised garden beds.

They were easy to put together and looks like they will work well.

Juan Garcia
Great raised beds

It’s actually an amazing order… the items were easy to comprehend, easy to assemble, on time, beautiful and ready to start your vegetable journey. Can’t wait to recommend this to everyone I know, I’m fast it’s so good that I may buy more in the future.

Carl Collins
Love My New Raised Beds

Beautiful color. Professional looking. Cannot wait to order my next two!



What does "6-in-1" or "9-in-1" modular design mean?

For example, 6-in-1 means there are 6 possible garden beds configurations. You could assemble 6 shapes based on your panels included. The metal raised beds kit contains corner panels and side panels, you can give full play to your creativity to assemble garden beds of different sizes.

What are VEGEGA beds made out of and how long will they last?

VEGEGA is one of the few manufacturers who build metal raised garden beds out of Zn-Al-Mg Steel.The garden beds made of this material can last up to 20 years.

Do VEGEGA raised garden beds have a bottom?

No. the beds are bottomless. This allows excess water to escape, preventing root rot, and allows worms to get into the bed.By using bottomless beds, you can help plant roots access the nutrients below ground.
Can a raised garden bed go on concrete?
VEGEGA uses extra strength ZAM coated steel sheet in 0.6 mm thick.This heavy-duty material is strong enough to hold soil for decades and has a lifespan 7x longer than wooden or plastic beds.
What is the thickness of the metal beds?
You can start a raised garden almost anywhere: on top of a concrete slab, or in a corner of the garden - as long as it's in a place that gets plenty of sunlight, you're good to go!


Is it safe to grow food in VEGEGA Raised Beds?

Decomposing galvanized steel garden beds with AZM alloy coating requires very high acidity, and the neutral soil in which the crops are grown will not have any effect on the coating.Neither the metal nor the coating itself will soak any harmful substances into the soil.

What are VEGEGA beds made out of and how long will they last?

VEGEGA is one of the few manufacturers who build metal raised garden beds out of Zn-Al-Mg Steel.The garden beds made of this material can last up to 20 years.

Will the bed become overheated in a hot environment?

No, they won't.This is due to the excellent reflectivity of the galvanized steel, which prevents most of the heat from entering the soil.Therefore, most of the soil in the bed can quickly absorb and dissipate heat from the edge of the stainless steel.Our elevated garden beds are excellent in maintaining a uniform and cool soil temperature.

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