6 Reasons Why You Need A Raised Garden Bed

6 Reasons Why You Need A Raised Garden Bed - VEGEGA Metal Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are garden beds that are raised above the rest of the garden. People choose raised garden beds for a variety of reasons. It may be an aesthetic preference or just to avoid the hassle of battling soil or bad weather in the garden. In this article, I will give you six reasons why people choose raised garden beds and what materials are recommended for garden beds.

Vegega metal raised garden beds


Better Soil Quality

Many plant enthusiasts are unable to successfully plant due to soil problems in their area. The soil is severely deficient, or the native soil is compacted and not fertile, or it may be that the soil is contaminated with certain chemicals. At this time, it is necessary to build a raised garden bed. Garden beds can ensure better soil quality and plant productivity by controlling the type of soil. This annoyance can be solved by filling the native soil with rich soil.

Better Pest Control And Weed Reduction

Since garden beds are small raised mounds raised from the ground, there are naturally fewer pests than underground gardens. It has been suggested that nets can be used to deter pests from destroying plants. This works to some extent, but is useless against burrowing pests like gophers, voles, and moles.

With a raised garden bed, things are different. Since its bottom structure may be filled with rotting tree trunks, it is very effective at preventing burrowing pests from burrowing into the soil and eating the plants after they have grown.

Likewise, the growth of weeds is inhibited. Because of its special bottom structure, weeds are less likely to spread in your garden beds. Line the bottom with old clothes or a cardboard box if you want to maximize weed growth prevention. Be careful not to interfere with the drainage of the garden bed.

Better Drainage

Raised garden beds are good for better drainage. Because there is some space between the garden beds, people can walk around the bed and tend to all the plants without stepping into the garden bed. Since people work on the perimeter of a raised garden bed, the soil in the bed is never trampled and compacted. Loose, brittle soil will definitely drain better than flat soil.


Easier to Maintain Garden

The height of the garden bed makes it easier for people to maintain their garden. Sometimes, working in the garden all day can take a toll on your spine and back by squatting too long or bending over all the time. This may be one of the reasons why a few people don't like planting. With a raised garden bed, this problem is easily solved. You can either buy or build a garden bed at the appropriate height according to your current situation. In this way, not only is there less bending, but you can even sit down and do a series of tasks such as planting, weeding, etc., and enjoy more of the fun of planting. Such a garden bed is a boon for people with limited mobility.

Longer Growing Season

Since garden beds are raised mounds that are more exposed to sunlight, the soil also tends to warm faster. In spring, it is recommended to sow earlier so you can enjoy a longer season in the garden. During the fall, the garden bed also cools more slowly, so plants don't wilt as quickly.

Grow Well in Limited Spaces

Raised garden beds are suitable for small vegetable crops and flowers. It is no longer necessary to have large open spaces in order to grow plants. Garden beds can be placed in any open space in your yard, saving you space. You can grow vegetables and fruits and look forward to when they are ripe for picking.

Furthermore, garden beds add a classic and beautiful aesthetic to your yard.

After reading the six recommended reasons for raised garden beds, you may have been moved! So how to choose the material for the garden beds? It all depends on your budget, style, and the durability of the garden. If you just want to be affordable, then you can go for a wood garden bed. But if you're looking for a more permanent, long-lasting garden, then metal garden beds will be your go-to.

Pros of Metal Raised Garden Beds

Metal raised garden beds are not only durable but also easy to install. If you don't know how to choose the right one among the various metal garden bed products, the metal garden beds by Vegega are worth considering. Because our garden beds are made of aluminium-zinc-magnesium steel, it is the best metal available for garden beds and will last longer than wood. It protects the bed from erosion and rust, making it ideal for outdoor applications. And we also have 3 sizes metal garden bed kits to choose from. Those in the industry know that metal raised garden beds are the quickest to install of any type of raised bed. Our kits come with a variety of assembly parts to make installation easier and faster.

Also, if you like industrial style, metal garden beds are a plus. They often exude an industrial vibe, a sight not seen in traditional gardens. By the way, if you want to grow plants with deeper roots, like tomatoes, squash, etc., then you may need an elevated planter box. We recommend that you consider our 32" tall corrugated metal raised bed. No matter what plant you want to grow, it will satisfy. Best of all, you don't need to bend over to plant; you can easily take care of your garden bed while standing.

About Vegega

If you're willing to invest in raised garden beds or raised garden bed kits, then you have another option. With more than 20 years of combined experience, our technical team at Vegega aims to produce the finest garden beds in the world. The garden beds of Vegega are made of eco-friendly metal material (Zn-Al-Mg steel) and can be used for over 20 years. What makes Vegega different is the addition of magnesium to our material, Zn-Al-Mg steel. The magnesium in the coating helps to form a very stable and dense protective film, which makes our garden beds extremely resistant to corrosion.

Garden beds are becoming more and more popular these days because they offer huge advantages that an underground garden cannot. With these beds, you can ensure that the soil is of high quality, impeccable, and free from pests and weeds. Whichever material you choose, it comes down to personal preference. But if you want to consider the long-term benefits, metal has more advantages. As for its shortcomings, they are only a few small problems that are easy to repair.


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