32'' Tall Galvanized Raised Beds

raised garden bed ideas for family-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 8x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (9 in 1)

$315.95 USD
Our star product, 32" tall 9-in-1 metal raised beds, is a popular choice as a gift for parents and a source of innovative raised garden ideas. Moreover, its depth comfortably accommodates...
growing vegetables in a raised planter box

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 6.5'x2' Metal Raised Garden Beds (6 in 1)

$279.95 USD
Our 32-inch 6-in-1 raised planter boxes relieve the back strain of gardeners. If you’re resistant to bending over to plant and pick while still wanting a beautiful garden and organic,...
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【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 42'' Round Metal Raised Garden Beds

$189.95 USD
Our 32" tall, 42" round metal raised garden bed is a popular choice for older people because it does not require bending over and relieves some of the strain on the...
32-inch tall raised garden beds green-Vegega

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 3.5'x2' Metal Raised Garden Beds (2 in 1)

$185.95 USD
Our 32" tall 3.5x2 metal garden beds have excellent drainage, ensuring the healthy growth of the plants even in yards prone to water stagnation. The garden bed is the most elderly-friendly...
growing flowers in an orange raised garden bed kit

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 5x2 Metal Raised Garden Beds (4 in 1)

$225.95 USD
Our 32" tall 5x2 raised garden bed kit not only improves plant root health by binding the soil and mulch, slowing down the loss of nutrients from the soil, but...
3 tiered raised garden bed

【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall 3 Tiered Raised Garden Bed

$389.95 USD$359.95 USD
Our 3 tier raised garden beds have three layers for planting various plants. Durable and long-lasting metal sheets, non-toxic and safe material make gardening easier and more healthy. Building 32''...
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【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall Castle Metal Raised Garden Beds

$359.95 USD
Our 32" tall castle metal planter boxes have two round garden beds on each side. And the middle part is 17" tall metal panels. It's an extraordinary design. Pest deterrent,...
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【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall Double Terraced Metal Raised Garden Beds

$349.95 USD$299.95 USD
32" tall double terraced raised beds are new designs and shapes for most gardeners, but they are practical beds. We can grow various plants in one bed including long roots...
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【Upgrade 2.0】32'' Tall Terraced Large Size Metal Raised Garden Beds

$449.95 USD$369.95 USD
32" Tall Three Terraced Garden Beds The terraced garden brings more different experiences to your gardening life. Not only can you have a 32‘’ without bending over, but you can...