Rounded Corner Flower Beds

large outdoor planter boxes-Vegega

17'' Tall 8x2 Planter Boxes (9 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$179.95 USD
The 17" tall 8x2 planter boxes are the most popular raised planters among all Vegega products. The new fashion of metal raised beds allows you to create a beautiful and...
metal garden boxes in yard-Vegega

17'' Tall 6.5x2 Garden Boxes Raised (6 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$159.95 USD
Our 17" tall 6.5x2 garden boxes are preferred by most gardeners. Firstly, their optimal drainage system provides an environment where vegetables can grow freely in high rainfall areas. Furthermore, the...
raised garden bed ideas for family-Vegega

32'' Tall 8x2 Raised Garden Metal Beds (9 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$315.95 USD
Our star product, 32" tall 9-in-1 metal raised beds, is a popular choice as a gift for parents and a source of innovative raised garden ideas. Moreover, its depth comfortably accommodates...
17'' Tall 8x4 Raised Bed Garden (10 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

17'' Tall 8x4 Raised Bed Garden (10 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$249.95 USD
An 8x4 raised bed is the perfect solution for your raised bed garden needs. Alongside our 8x2 raised beds, the 8x4 raised beds are among the top choices for many...
metal raised bed filled with soil

11'' Tall 8x2 Raised Flower Beds (9 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$150.95 USD
Our 11" tall 9-in-1 8x2 raised flower beds are sufficient for many plants, some root vegetables might require a deeper bed. But if you want to grow herbs or some...
garden box growing plants in backyard-Vegega

17" Tall 5x2 Garden Box (4 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$139.95 USD
Our 17" high 4-in-1 garden box offers a solution for growing crops in smaller spaces. Additionally, they contribute to a neater and visually appealing garden. Moreover, the raised soil provides...
3.5x2 garden bed raised-Vegega

17" Tall 3.5x2 Garden Rasied Bed (2 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$119.95 USD
Our 17” high 2-in-1 raised garden bed is ideal for growing herbs or small fruit trees. The metal raised beds to absorb the sunlight, making the soil warm up faster in...
32'' Tall 6.5x2 Raised Planter Boxes (6 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

32'' Tall 6.5x2 Raised Planter Boxes (6 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$279.95 USD
Our 32-inch 6-in-1 raised planter boxes relieve the back strain of gardeners. If you’re resistant to bending over to plant and pick while still wanting a beautiful garden and organic,...
tomato garden raised beds-Vegega

11'' Tall 6.5x2 Garden Raised Beds Metal (6 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$130.95 USD
Creating an 11" tall garden with raised beds is a novel change for today's urban gardeners. Whether you're cultivating home-grown vegetables, eye-catching succulents, or fragrant herbs, our raised beds provide...
growing flowers in an orange raised garden bed kit-Vegega

32'' Tall 5x2 Raised Garden Bed Kit (4 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$225.95 USD
Our 32" tall 5x2 raised garden bed kit not only improves plant root health by binding the soil and mulch, slowing down the loss of nutrients from the soil but...
32-inch tall raised garden beds green-Vegega

32'' Tall 3.5x2 Garden Beds (2 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$185.95 USD
Our 32" tall 3.5x2 metal garden beds have excellent drainage, ensuring the healthy growth of the plants even in yards prone to water stagnation. The garden bed is the most elderly-friendly...
32-inch tall metal raised beds blue-Vegega

32'' Tall 8x4 Metal Raised Beds (10 in 1)【Upgrade 2.0】

$379.95 USD
The 32'' tall, 8x4 metal raised beds are durable, easy to assemble, and perfect for any garden. Moreover, they are ideal for growing a variety of plants in one bed....

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