Is it safe to use metal raised garden beds?

Is it safe to use metal raised garden beds? - VEGEGA

Metal raised garden beds are undoubtedly a very safe product for all people. Every aspect of the product, from the material to the accessories to the planting, is safe to use. AkzoNobel paint is used for the coating. Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel panels are super corrosion resistant. The metal raised garden bed has no sharp corners, and the rubber strips are added to ensure that no cuts will occur. The design of the fastener set and bracing rod makes the garden bed stable without bending. Filling various organic matter creates a suitable growing environment for plant roots and effectively increases production.

Coating safety

100% non-toxic, eco-friendly materials

Vegega uses AkzoNobel paint, the leading brand of 100% non-toxic paint, which is uniformly thick and free of crusts, impurities, and particles. This ensures metal raised garden beds have smooth and grain-free panels. Even after long exposure to the sun, the coating will not crack and peel off.

Vegega metal raised garden beds have received dual UDSA certification in the United States and Canada.


Environmentally friendly

Both the coating and the material used in the garden bed are eco-friendly. It meets the RoHS standard of the European Union and is now an internationally recognized environmentally friendly product. The coating does not contain heavy metal ions and can be planted with confidence.

Material safety

Zn-Al-Mg Stainless Steel

Vegega products are made of Zn-Al-Mg Stainless Steel, which has superior corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance, rust resistance, etc. More information in article: Zn-Al-Mg Stainless Steel vs. Aluzinc Steel.



The Zn-Al-Mg alloy coating is made of zinc (Zn), aluminum (Al) and magnesium (Mg) cured at a high temperature to form a dense ternary eutectic structure, resulting in a dense, super coating that effectively prevents corrosion on the surface of the steel sheet.

Performance advantages

The performance of Zn-Al-Zn and Aluzinc steel panels cannot be compared with that of Zn-Al-Mg panels. Compared to galvanized sheet, the service life of Zn-Al-Mg is 10–20 times longer than that of galvanized sheet under the same coating condition.

Cut maintenance

This is a unique property that only Zn-Al-Mg stainless steel sheet has. Many galvanized and aluminized sheets rust gradually at the edges.

The edge of Zn-Al-Mg sheet has a notch maintenance function to ensure that the edge will not rust easily. The plating components on the surface dissolve continuously to form a dense protective film consisting mainly of zinc hydroxide, alkaline zinc chloride, magnesium hydroxide, etc. This protective film has a significant inhibiting effect on the corrosion of the cut surface. Therefore, we don't need to worry about the edge rusting.

Shape safety

Vegega metal raised garden bed set includes enough accessories for you.


Rubber edge strip

Each metal raised garden bed kit includes a strip that is long enough to be installed on the top edge of the garden bed. The panel's thickness is 0.6 mm, and its edges and corners are not sharp enough to hurt people while not taking up planting space. With the secondary protection of the rubber strips, both the elderly and children can use this planter bed to plant safely.

Bracing rod

Vegega's 17" and 32" 6-in-1 and 9-in-1 configurations come with bracing rods, which are made of magnesium-aluminum alloy and are so resistant to corrosion that they can be said to outlast metal panels. The purpose of using bracing rods is to prevent the bed from bending due to excessive soil filling. Of course, in addition to the bracing rods, which can solve this problem, another way is to fill the bed with more organic material like mulch, wood, or compost instead of all soil.




Each Vegega kit comes with two extra sets of stainless steel fasteners, which are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Moreover, the use of the washer increases the stability between the screw and the nut, and there will be no shaking when connecting two metal panels. Vegega's garden beds have relatively few screw holes, which saves labor and makes the beds stronger and less bent.

Planting safety

Metal raised garden beds are the new trend in modern gardening. For more information, please refer to: 6 Reasons Why You Need A Raised Garden Bed.

First, the use of metal raised garden beds effectively reduces weed growth and stops pest infestation.

Second, metal raised garden beds have good thermal conductivity. You can plant earlier in the spring and later in the fall to keep your garden green all season long. In the summer, the garden bed dissipates heat more quickly, effectively cooling the roots.

Third, corrugated metal raised garden beds can be used for at least 20 years. Compared to wooden garden beds, metal garden beds last longer and the material is more environmentally friendly. Using the metal garden bed all year round does not require long-term maintenance.


Soil safety

As we all know, the soil planted on the ground tends to dry out, lose nutrients, and even breed bacteria, which greatly reduces the quality of the soil. In contrast, soil in raised beds is kept away from the ground, effectively reducing water loss, increasing air circulation, and providing better drainage, thus building a good soil environment for plant growth, which in turn increases yields.

Filler safety

Raised beds effectively create nutrient-rich beds. In addition to the necessary soil, some organic matter can be used as filler. Organic matter will decompose over time, and the decomposed organic matter will continue to supply nutrients to the plant roots. The article "What to Fill Raised Garden Bed with” explains how to fill a raised bed on a budget.

Plant safety

After lining the raised garden beds, it effectively protects the root system and reduces or even prevents weeds and pests from burrowing into the garden bed from the bottom and stealing fruits.

The above is all the information about the safety of raised garden beds.


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